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Pro bono

Our Pro bono program is directed at serving the public interest and helping those who otherwise lack the means to seek quality legal assistance that ensures access to justice.


Gravamen Fidelis Fides views pro bono services as a legal tool for resolving social problems in the name of public interest. This activity is based on respect for human rights, democracy, open society and rule of law.


Our varied pro bono work includes  assisting non-profit organizations in drafting various contracts, mentoring law students in law clinics for indigenous clients, defending rights of veterans and people with disabilities.


We provide our pro bono clients with the same standards of professionalism and care, resources and engagement level that we offer to all our paying clients.  We encourage our lawyers to become involved in pro bono work, which furthers our commitment to public service, adds value to the legal profession and is personally meaningful and rewarding.


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